Friday, June 29, 2012

Isdera Commendatore 112i

Isdera Commendatore 112i  Just Photos.


  1. any chance of download links for all of this nice cars for gta sa I been looking for some of them for long time man, thanks for nice picks and good work.

  2. Ljubisa Ristic, thanks for the comment.
    At present I work the over project HotRoad Burnout Paradise.
    IsderaCommendatore-is not finished project.
    can be later, this project is will complete...

    1. Just lue is fine no need for all name takes time and space, I did see few other cars on the page with SA photos, all of them just projects or other people work, you see I am kind a collector I like cars so I try to have nice cars in the game since I can not buy them because they cost so much money lol for all of the cars I would like I would need bank. I got the hotrod nice work man isder let me know I will take it when is done and all the others from that page too thanks my friend pardon me to bother you so much.

  3. How many cars in your collection? it is possible to see them?

  4. Ну что,очень круто,буду как и FZR200 ждать с нетерпением,ты только не бросай не завершённые ещё проекты